Who is Stephen Segal?

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Now ask yourself: Who Is Stephen Segal? Born in the small town of Pietersburg in South Africa my family moved quite regularly with me eventually attending 7 schools. I am quite the introvert and kept to myself however playing sport and surfing my friends circle grew and I taught myself to be an extrovert.

However I was fortunate to achieve in sports having 7 regional titles and numerous national titles, having national colours in three sports and placing 3 in the world for one. I went onto winning the title of Mr South Africa in 2009 when I went into TV and radio presenting. I bungee jumped Victoria falls, white water rafted the Zambezi, flown in acrobatic planes, sky dived, been to the Serengeti to watch the buffalo migration and the cherry on top summited Kilimanjaro. I have travelled to 5 continents and been to 12 countries.

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My business career seemed to follow my early years, going from one business to another working in various industries, for and in some cases various companies. My understanding of business grew and I was fortunate to have worked with various international brands both locally and abroad. Nikon, Sirui, Nanuk, Profoto, Sunbounce, Guess, Nike, Under Armor, Hugo Boss, Quiksilver, Roxy, Rip Curl, Reef, Jeep, Banana Republic, Gap, Tommy Hilfiger Jeans, Miss Me, and more. 

Working with various local and international celebrities I have learnt the importance of making every second count and to get the right content.

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Photography was my eye opener, it truly opened my eyes to the beautiful world around me.

Colours, textures, nature, people, a creative art form of interpretation and communication.

Using all my experience gained and partnering up with various creatives and people at the top of their game. I opened Segal Studios a company falling under the Segal Global banner. 

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Our offering is more then just a service or product, it is and experience like no other.

I believe in greatness through community, my colleagues, friends and clients are what make Segal Studios successful.


Thank you to all for your support and friendship. I look forward to a great future. Now you can decide: Who Is Stephen Segal?


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