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Stephen Segal

Stephen Segal



“Once you master the ability to find beauty in everything you do, that is when life truly becomes meaningful.” – Stephen Segal

Visual communication is one of the strongest artforms available to those that yearn for creative expression. It can stir the soul and ignite the imagination. The perfect combination of movement and music has been proven to stimulate physically, mentally, and emotionally. The more I understood the art of photography and visual communication the more I realised how much still lies undiscovered.

I am Stephen Segal a Visual Content Specialist. Understanding the human mind and how it interprets, and digests visual stimuli is critical in a world filled with visual content. From the slightest change of colour to the most vibrant images, every detail communicates a message to an audience.

It takes years of experience to capture that perfect shot. Hard work and passion is what it takes to be true content creator.

I don’t just work at a job; I passionately and artistically apply my skills to communicate and express the beautiful message of the people I work with.  


Stephen Segal is a South African based Visual Content Specialist that has expertise in visual communication, branding, and content creation on all platforms. 
Stephen understands how important it is that your digital infrastructure not only functions effectively, but also communicates efficiently.

Stephen’s background in marketing, management, training, and more than fifteen years in the content creation industry, has provided him with a broad overview and the experience of meeting the needs of clients professionally.

Whether you’re in need of branded photography, film content, art direction, content marketing or a combination of these, Stephen gladly assists with passion, accuracy, and professionalism.

With an international portfolio of work, Stephen solves digital content challenges for all types of clients, ranging from innovative start-ups to established global luxury brands.

“There is one thing the photograph must contain, the humanity of the moment” – Robert Frank



Whether you need straightforward e-commerce product shots, seasonal lookbooks, a big budget branded campaign shoot, or something in between, your visual content is in great hands with Stephen.

From creative direction to the nuts and bolts of booking studios, models, a glam team and of course photographers, Stephen takes care of the whole process of producing high-impact, high quality images that communicate the spirit of your brand through digital and printed media.

Stephen applies his extensive knowledge and skills to every client’s need. He loves the romance and excitement of weddings. As a fashion photographer he knows how to direct and apply his skills to creating a beautiful reminder of your special day. Book Stephen to capture your forever memories with the highest quality and professionalism.

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Whether you need straightforward e-commerce product shots, seasonal lookbooks, a big budget branded campaign shoot, or something in between, your visual content is in great hands with Stephen.

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